About Us

Let Us Introduce Our Quality Bedding Company

Family-run and created in Australia, Bedding sheet sets by Elegreen is admiringly crafted in various parts of the world.

Always assuring we prioritise products of fine quality and with a sound sense of honesty in regard to its sources of fair trade.

Initiated from an idea at weekend farmer’s market and growing into an online store, our dedication and mission has stayed the same. We believe in creating fine things that will genuinely last the test of time while treading softly on our earth. In a marketplace where we all have so many varieties, we desire to be a credible brand with consistency in style and remain authentic and true to our mindset.

Elena and Andrei are the driving momentum behind the brand with extensive careers in luxury and practical retails, holding a dedication for exceptional customer service and a sharp eye for design is the right accompaniment for Bedding by Elegreen.

Regularly sourcing fresh designs, we strive to provide our customers with the finest quality, exclusive and modern products the world's textiles and homewares industries has to endeavour.

As we are growing, our bedding products line is also increasing from bed sheet sets to other homeware products. We aim to producing more ‘fine things for great people’. 

Thank you to all that have confidence in us with the comfort of yourself and your family.