A Guru Guide to Deciding on Which Mattress Protector

A Guru to Deciding on Which Mattress Protector to Buy.

 There is a vital question which must be urged, does your mattress have the proper protection? If your respond is No, then you should know why your mattress requires protection by reading our guide.

 The trendiest reason why people purchase mattress-protectors is to lengthen the life of your mattress and make sure that the warranty is safeguarded. This way it will be protected from stains and rips. If your bed get broken, you can claim the warranty to cover. However, it is more complicated if it gets stains. Mostly, stained mattresses cannot be exchanged or replaced by warranty.

 Mattress protectors are also useful in defending against dust mites. An average human being sheds about one and a half grams of skin daily. Are you aware that the dust-mites surviving on your mattress feed, which is your old skin particles?

 If you have been hunting for a particular type of mattress protector to buy, then this guru guide would certainly be of help.

 Why Do I Need to Protect My Mattress?

 The fundamental reasons why:

  • Assists to protect from daily wear and tear
  • You can move up to a waterproof kind for protection against liquids and wet mess. BeddingByElegreen mattress protectors has a thin, waterproof layer.
  • Aids to protect against dust mites and pet dander
  • Offers comfort if you have selected one with light padding

 There are lots of various types of mattress protectors to choose from. These may range in style, thickness and fabric type.

 Are you not sure how to begin to decide which one is for you? You can commence by differentiating one fabric type.


 The typical cotton mattress protector does the primitive job of providing fair protection. They are less pricey and not difficult to maintain. possible in cotton terry towelling for waterproof types.

 If you sleep on a memory foam mattress that turns hot easily, you should decide for one with a cooling material such as bamboo.

 Bamboo Terry

 Justification why bamboo mattress protectors are better are listed below.

  • Sensationally Soft - Thinking about bamboo and cotton is like comparing cashmere to wool which would provide you with much softer and luxurious feel. 
  • Skin beneficial - For those people who have any form of skin allergies or sensitive skin, bamboo type is the perfect option.
  • Moisture Wicking - Bamboo mattress protector will consistently absorb moisture away from your skin, and this would aid to keep you cooler and drier during the hot night. It also prevents odour.
  • Thermo Control - Bamboo material is also breathable and it works extremely well regardless of the temperature.
  • Bamboo is great for the environment – It is greatly sustainable, and it is increasingly becoming the best alternative to cotton. According to research, bamboo is the most progressive growing plant in the world today and it would constantly yield more than cotton even with the same plot of land.